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Customising a Bat

At Top Score Cricket Bats we make bats that suit not only the conditions in which you play but the type of player you are and your personal attributes.

At Top Score Cricket Bats, we work with each cricketer to ensure that the bat produced is a guarantee of quality and will enhance performance. The combination of weight, pickup, shape and specifications are combined to create the finest bats.

Visit or contact us and discuss what you would like from a bat,  Do you have a favourite bat, well bring it along and we will reproduce it for you.  Nothing is too difficult.


Top Score Cricket Bats offers three grades of Bats.  All bats however are made from the finest English Willow timber and none of our blades are bleached white.

Grade 1

Using Test Match quality grade English Willow this is the top of the range quality bat.  With very few if any imperfections and straight grains this bat contains lasting rebound resilience qualities.

Grade 1: 6-12 straight grains mostly white with some colour, no specks or blemishes and may come with butterfly stain

Grade 2

Excellent quality English Willow with some minor imperfections in the form of slight blemishes and pin knots.  This bat provides excellent rebound resilience and will not disappoint outclassing other bats of this grade.

Grade 2: 6-12 straight grains with colour, some specks or blemishes and can come with butterfly stain

Grade 3

Fine quality English Willow but with some irregular grain patterns.  Imperfections may be present in the face of the bat such as stains and more prominent knots.

Grade 3: 6-8 grains mostly colour and can come with butterfly or tiger stain



Top Score Cricket Bats can make bats to almost any shape preferred.  If you have a favourite bat please bring in and we can copy the profile, or alternatively discuss your playing style with us and we can create a shape that best suits your game. 

Sweet Spot

Depending on the type of player you are will determine the best position of the sweet spot on the bat for you.  A front foot player will tend to prefer bats with lower middles whilst back foot players tend to prefer higher middles. Tell us how you prefer to play and we can ensure the sweet spot on your new bat is in the optimum place for your playing style.








Edge Width

The edge thickness at the Sweet Spot point can vary depending on the weight of bat chosen.  It is important to remember that if choosing a thicker edge on a relatively light bat, wood must be removed from more important areas.

Handle Length

Handles are available in two lengths both short and long handles.  Picking the correct size handle is essential as it may affect the balance and pick-up of your bat.

Short Handle

The short handle is the most common size used and suits most people under 6 foot tall.  It is recommended that you opt for this size handle when purchasing a cricket bat.

Long Handle

Long handles are available to those individuals who stand over 6 foot and have tried the standard handle length and fail to get the required comfort.


A Top Score Cricket bat will always pickup well.  It is for the batsman to decide what balanced weight will suit you, not the scale.   Bats typically weigh from 2 lb 7 oz to 3 lb (1.2 to 1.4 kg) though there is no standard.

The ideal weight of a bat varies from batsman to batsman, as it depends on their style of play, batting order and stroke technique.  Stronger batsmen looking for boundaries tend to use heavier bats, which usually have thick edges and a big middle.  Batsmen that score their runs by working the ball into gaps tend to have lighter bats.

It is also possible to add additional weight to a bat by putting on an additional grip over the handle.  This can also increase comfort and playability.


Top Score Cricket Bats offer five different size bats from Harrow/Ladies to Long Blade.  Talk to us about finding the bat that is just perfect for you.  See Bat Size Guide for further information.

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