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How Do I Place An Order?

To place an order please simply order on line and someone will contact you to discuss your particular needs.  If you are local please drop into our workshop and discuss your needs personally with Richard.

Payment and Shipping


Top Score Cricket bats will ship you bat free of charge anywhere in Australia.  For internationally orders please contact us to discuss shipping costs.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Bat?


All bats are dispatched via Australia Post globally and delivery will take approximately 7 to 21 days depending on shipping destination.


Payment Options


Payments can be made using Paypal on line.  For those bats being collected from our workshop alternative methods of payment are available upon request.  All payments must be made prior to shipping or collection of goods.


Top Score Cricket bats offer a warranty against any fault of manufacture or defective material for a period of 12 months.  We will inspect your bat if damage occurs and in the unlikely event of it being a result of our workmanship then we sincerely apologise either repairing or replacing the bat.


The following is not covered by warranty:

  • misuse

  • used against bowling machines

  • insufficient knocking in and preparation

  • damaged edges or toe

  • excessive use

  • superficial cracking

  • pressing of bat (extra pressing ruins rebound qualities and will damage the splice and handle)

Should I Use My Bat With Bowling Machine?


Definitely not as hardcore dimple balls will damage the bat.  We recommend that you use a practice bat if you wish to practice on a bowling machine.


What Should I Do Once I Get My Bat?


Once your bat leaves our workshop it will only need to be played in.  The more work you do the better it will play. See instructions on how to care for your bat.


What Size Bat Should I Order?


Our sizes range from Size 6 to Senior.  A long handle or long blade and long handle can be requested. See our sizing chart under customise for a complete guide or contact us for assistance.

How Do I Care For My Bat?


Do Not Over Oil Your Bat

Excessive oile will add unnecessary weight, may spoil driving power or even cause wood rot.

Do Not Oil Splice or Handle

Oil on splice or handle will cause the glue holding your handle in place to weaken.

Do Not Expose Your Bat to Damp or Wet Surfaces

Do not allow the base of your bat to get wet as this will cause the base of the bat to swell and cause cracking.

Do Not Use Cheap Balls

We must emphasise that to play a quality cricket bat against a less resilient cheap ball will cause damage to your bat.  Quality blades are designed to give best results against good quality leather balls.  Use of hard balls such as those used in bowling machines will not be covered by Top Score Cricket Bats.

Respect Your Bat

Throwing your bat or hitting the ground with it will cause    damage to both your bat and your cricketing reputation.  This type of damage is easily recognised and will not be covered by Top Score Cricket Bats.

What Is The Best Way To Knock In A Bat?

Australian climatic conditions are harsh.  It is important you care for your cricket bat.  If you leave your bat in the boot or back seat of your car for long periods or leave it out in the sun, it will dry out.  This may cause it to split.

1. We recommend 1-2 light coats of raw linseed oil (from your local hardware store) applied at intervals so       that each coat has time to dry.  Remember less is best.  Too little is better than too much.

2. Apply oil with a soft rag to the face, toe, sides and back of bat keeping oil away from the splice.  Leave bat horizontal during the drying period.  We suggest 1 light coat to the back and 2 coats to the face.

3. After initial oiling is complete, play the bat in with an old leather ball or ball mallet and at various intervals, bone the face and edges (buy a shin bone of beef from the butcher, cook it up, remove the meat and when it is cool use the bone to rub the face and side edges of the bat … this hardens the wood).  This should take around 2-3 weeks with consistent but careful work of around 15 mins a night.  This is a tradition for you to pass on to the next generation of cricketers.

4. After the playing in of the bat is completed you may at various times find the bat drying out or loosing moisture.  We suggest a light sand with very fine sandpaper up and down the grain, never across, a light oil to moisten the face and a good boning will bring it up and help add life to your bat.  We also suggest that this is done before storage at the completion of each season.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Bat?

From the time the timber is grown through to the finished product it can take up to 24 years to create a cricket bat. However most of the time is in the growing of the timber and orders can usually be filled within 3 to 5 working days.

What Sort Of Timber Is Used?

All Top Score cricket bats are made from the world's finest English Willow grown right here in Australia by WillowBlue Australia and the handle is turned from the finest Sarawak cane.

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